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Automatic Stencil Cutting Machines


NCB Marking Equipment Ltd are proud to our range of Automatic Stencil Machines -"The Ideal Machines for Modern Stencil Marking."

Stencil Machines, Sign and Decal Systems and Materials from NCB, can produce virtually any Stencil, Sign, Decal or Masking. Reusable or One-time Stencils and Paint Masking, Vinyl Signs and Lettering, Multi-Color Decals, Labels and much more.

The Pro-Series Cutters provide full material cutting and speed in a small, compact package. Able to cut all Stencil, Sign, Decal and Masking materials at full rated speed and duty cycle, the cutter can cut up to 24" wide (610 mm) and is designed for users requiring narrow width machines. No trade-off in performance, only the physical size of material which can be loaded.

BREN Stencil Cutters

Pro-Series Cutters are complete and ready to cut, right out of the box. Just add your PC. The Ideal Stencil Machines for Modern Stencil Cutting.

All Systems include Cutter, Stand, Cables, Manuals, Windows® Drivers, multi-user software, Starter Kit, Toll-Free Support and Warranty.

Specialist Materials allow amazing marking quality, economy and never-before seen flexibility.

A single cutter provides over 2000 character sizes, 26 different Stencil fonts and cuts any TrueType® font directly from your Windows® programs.

Model 626 Specifications
  • Material width from 2" to 30"
  • Maximum cut area is 24" by 82' (.05 x 250m)
  • Cutting Speeds to 61"/sec, with adjustable force to 600g
Machines with A Million Uses!
  • Sixth Generation Computer Controlled Cutters using easy Windows® software!
  • Heavy gauge welded mobile stand with 3" locking rubber casters
  • Create Re-Usable Stencils in sizes from 1/16" , (1.6mm) to full machine cut size
  • Cut Vinyl Signs and Lettering or Paint Mask in virtually any size and shape
  • Marking any size using text, symbols, languages, logo’s and graphics
  • Product Marking using Stencils, Vinyl Decals, Lettering or Paint Masking
  • Facility Signs for names on doors, OSHA Warning, Danger Federal Traffic and In-House Custom Design
  • Vehicle Marking, Company Logo's, Identification Numbers, DOT placards and Multi-Color Decals
  • Municipal and Public Works Traffic Signs (MUTCD) plus Parks (SEGD), Vehicle Graphics and all Stencils
Stencil Cut Out Spray
The Pro-Series Automated Cutters offer value and economy in field proven machines. Sixth generation design with the speed and cutting power to fit the requirements of most industrial and military applications. Whether producing Re-Usable Stencils, Paint Masking, Signs or Lettering, in sizes ranging from 1/16" to several feet high, Pro-Series cutters will provide years of trouble free operation. Differing in machine size and width of cut, the 515 and 626 can both produce True Stencils, Paint Masks, Small Character Stencils, Signs and Lettering in over 300 Colors using using a wide array of materials including Vinyl, Polyester, Polyethylene, even drawing on Paper.

These Easy-to-Use machines come as complete "ready-to-use" packages. In minutes anyone can be cutting stencils, signs and paint masks using Windows® and economical materials in rolls. Simply place material on the easy-load roll feed and turn on the cutter. From your computer screen you can create any layout size and design, view, move, size and adjust information, place symbols, text and graphics exactly where you want, then cut one or one hundred and save your design. For the first time you can store stencils in the computer and not in a pile. Quickly Recall, View, Change and Cut with a few simple keys. Character height is fully adjustable from 1/16" (1.5 mm) to many feet high. Text and Graphics can be placed anywhere and adjusted to fit any size and shape you need.

With Design-Store-Recall and On-Screen Viewing both speed and accuracy are improved, greatly increasing productivity and quality. Using Mil-Spec Stencil fonts in several styles and able to cut TrueType® as Sign fonts, the cutter becomes a powerful marking device. We also include hundreds of symbols, Industrial OSHA Safety-Signs for all types of facility and production marking, a scan and file conversion to allow custom symbols and graphics to be put into the system with ease. Foreign Languages, Special Symbols, Unique Characters and Custom Graphics... all Standard.

Mechanism Digital Servo with Adjustable Pressure Rollers using Swivel Knife cutting and Depth adjustment
Media Types NCB Stencil, Sign and Masking + Vinyl, Polyethylene, Polyester, PVC, stencilboard and Fabric
Media Width 2" to 30" (50-762mm)
Max. Cut Area 24"W x 984"L (609mm x 32m)
Tools Cutter: Carbide Swivel 45°, 55° & 60° Blades. Pens: HP style Plotter Pens
Speed (Cutting) Maximum 61"/sec (113 cm/sec). Adjustable from 5 to 80 steps on keyboard
Blade Force Adjustable from 30g to 500g via LCD display from keyboard or from software
Resolution Mechanical = 0.0002"(0.005mm)/step. Programmable=0.001-0.0005" (0.25-0.0125mm)/20step
Accuracy Error<± 0.2% of travel or 0.1mm. Repeatability 0.1mm under 63" (1600mm)
Interface(s) Parallel, Serial (RS-232C) and USB (cables provided)
Buffer 4 Megabyte
Instruction Set 32 bit CPU accepting Pro-GL mode 1 and 2, HPGLTM
Programmable Four Pre-Settable User Conditions plus Pen Mode. Metric or English Units selectable.
LCD Display 20 characters by 2 lines
Power Required 1A @ 117V, 0.5A @ 220-240V (90 to 260 VAC, 50/60Hz autosensing with 110 V U.S. cord set)
Acoustic Noise Cutting = less than 30 dB (A), Standby = less than 10 dB (A) (tested to ISO 7779)
Operating Env. Temperature: 41 to 104°F (5 to 400°C), humidity: 35% to 80% non-condensing
Dimensions 36"W x 11"D x 9""H. 900mm(W) x 275mm(D) x 237mm(H)
Boxed with Stand
39 Lb. (17Kg)
Stand 45 Lb (20.5Kg)
Accessories Mobile Stand, Power Cord, Interface Cable, Blade Holder, 2-Blades, Plotter Pen, Machine Manual, Software with Manuals, Cut-off Tool, Tweezers, Squeegee and starter materials kit.

Computer Requirements: Stencil and Sign programs furnished with each cutter operate under Windows® '95/'98/NT/ME/00/XP. Minimum configuration is PC running Windows, a CD-ROM drive, SVGA and 200 meg. Hard Disk space.

Standard Equipment: All Pro-Series Cutters include the Cutter (100-240V A.C.), Accessories, CutEngraveTM Stencil & Sign Program, Special TrueType® Fonts, Drivers, Industrial Grade Mobile Stand with dual roller material feed, sample materials and supplies plus Toll-Free phone, e-mail and fax support Optional: corelDRAW!®.

Warranty:Pro-Series products are covered by a Three Year Warranty which includes both Parts and Labor. Product Insurance Policy (PIP) and Extended Warranty Coverage are available at time of purchase.

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