About Us

Our History

NCB Marking Equipment was founded in Birmingham in 1878 by Frederick Bowers. It is a combination of our long history in the industry, our expertise and knowledge of marking equipment and our comprehensive product offering that sets us apart from our competitors. Our approach is that each and every marking application is unique and requires consideration as to what is the most economical and effective solution. We believe that getting the correct solution is the key to improving traceability and avoiding unnecessary cost and waste.

Our Future

Originally named Aresco, the company specialised in the manufacturing of rubber stamps. Early photos show a company football match in 1925 and the interior and exterior of the Aresco factory taken in the fifties.

With the introduction of endless modern technologies the company has in the last 40 years, under the directorship of Norman Bowers, changed beyond recognition. Today NCB Marking Equipment prides itself on being at the forefront of all identification and traceability marking technology.

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