The Differences Between Laser Marking and Dot Peen Marking

high contrast laser mark on metallic parts

We are frequently contacted by companies looking for a permanent marking solution for metals or plastics. Many are confused as to what will suit their application – laser marking or dot peen marking. The differences between these two marking techniques can be confusing as both have their advantages and are suited to different applications. Many factors need to be considered from the environment you are marking in, budget, material that needs marking, etc. In this article, we will dispel any confusion and highlight the benefits of both of these marking solutions.

What is laser marking?

Laser marking can also be referred to as laser engraving or laser etching. Learn more on our laser marking page. 

Laser software explained

The intuitive software that comes with the laser marking systems allows you to mark text, serial numbers, variables, shift codes, logos, data matrix, bar codes, QR codes, UID, GS1 and multilingual interface.

Laser marking safety

One consideration when looking at laser marking as a solution is to ensure that the product you are considering is safe to use. Workstations need integrated fail-safe valves, certified protective glass, door closure security, control system and emergency stop and integrated extraction and filtration.

Advantages of laser marking

  • Can be used to mark a wide range of materials.
  • Reliable, fast and direct.
  • High contrast marking.
  • Permanent.
  • Machines are versatile and save you time and money.
  • A wide range of products allows for tailored solutions.

What is dot peen marking?

Dot peen marking is a technology that uses a pin to stamp made out of rigid material such as carbide to indent, peen or etch a series of very small, closely spaced dots to form text, numbering, data matrix codes etc. The result is a very precise permanent mark. The depth of the mark can be easily controlled to suit the material that needs marking. The indentation is assured by an electromechanical system that can translate in X and Y in order to mark the desired pattern on the material.

Dot peen marking software explained

As with laser marking, the dot peen marking machines generally come with intuitive software systems. Many have touch screen technology allowing you to input information in remote locations.

Advantages of dot peen marking

  • Reliable, fast and direct.
  • Permanent.
  • Ideal for coding and identification.
  • Ideal for industrial marking.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Flexible thanks to portable machines.
  • Designed to last and easy to use.

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