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NCB Marking Equipment is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of steel and brass embossing type for a permanent marking solution. We supply to customers all over the world, to many industries including the following:

Pharmaceutical - date and batch code marking of blister packs and cartons / Cosmetic - batch marking / Packaging - production codes

NCB Marking Equipment offers an extensive range of coding digits or coding type and our expertise in this area allows us to be able to advise on sizes, styles and materials to suit your coding requirements.

Coding Digits/Coding Type

Coding Digits and Coding Type are used extensively for printing dates, batch and production codes onto many types of packaging including cartons, blister foils, plastic tubes, metal tubes, paper and film.

We have the capability of matching exact sizes, tolerances and styles of specific digits and type. We are also very happy to advise on sizes and styles to meet a specific printing application such as OCR for Character Recognition

Our coding digits/type are manufactured in different materials to suit each individual application. Some examples are as follows:

  • BRASS-Flat Faced Characters mainly used on Hot Foil Coders from 1.5mm to 12mm character height.
  • BRASS-Radial sections used on Hot Ink Printers for printing onto film.
  • ALLOY-Flat Faced Characters mainly used on Ink Transfer machines such as Happa Machines.
  • Hardened Steel-Raised Sharp Faced Characters used on all types of debossing applications such as blister machines and cartoning machines.
  • Hardened Steel-Flat Faced Characters mainly used on Hot Foil Coders.
  • Hardened Steel-Sunk Engraved characters are used to leave a raised code, normally on plastic or metal tubes such as toothpaste tubes.

All our coding digits/type are available in Straight Section, ‘L’ Section, and ‘T’ Section, Tapered Radial Section, ‘T’ Slot and U Section, Interlocking, Interlocking Radial Section and others depending on individual requirements. Because we make each digit to order we can tailor to your every need.

  • Technical data
  • Technical Data

    Noak Klockner Bosch
    Cam Kalix Allen Coder
    Opendate Coder Rotomotion Preston
    Molins Norwood Markem
    Happa Ima Metronic
    Overprint Marchesini Comardis
    Promatic IWK