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All coding digits/type will require some description of holder. NCB Marking Equipment are able to supply the following:

Hot Foil Coders

Brass Holders can be supplied to suit all makes of machines such as Allen, Opendate, Preston, Norwood, Rotomotion and Metronic Holders and are supplied complete with a suitable handle.

Rotary Flick-wheel or Pin held wheels in Steel or Brass Blocks with multiple wheels can be supplied to suit most machines.

Rotary Wheels

Mainly for use in the tobacco industry and can be engraved with letters and numbers.

Coding Rings

Circular blocks with slotted rings (Coining Rings) can be supplied to suit most makes of carton machines; the slotted rings can be supplied for single tier usage or Two Tier, Three Tier and sometimes in Four Tier.

The Coding Rings complete with the Mandrel and Locking Plate can be manufactured from Stainless Steel, Mild Steel with Chemical Black or Dull Nickel Plate finish.

Bespoke Holders

NCB Marking Equipment can supply bespoke holders. Examples that we have historically supplied include - brass holders with spring washers for some blister foil printing machines and holders for magnesium plates used on hot foil blocking machines.

  • Technical data
  • Technical Data

    Type TraysAvailable in many sizes to suit your application
    Wire Brushes With plastic handles for cleaning the codes
    Tweezers Available in different sizes
    Backing Pads In different materials and sizes
    Type Clips Used on T Slot Hot Foil Coders
    Spacers Used to space out characters between codes