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At the forefront of technology, the XM700 is a fully autonomous portable handheld marking machine with integrated touch screen control.

The machine does not require a PC or keyboard connection and can be supplied with an additional battery pack to make it completely portable. As with all our indent marking machines, it will carry out all identification and traceability etching/indent marking/dot peen marking including serial numbers, dates, data matrix codes and logos.

The large touch screen on the XM700 gives easy access to the function buttons and will operate even when wearing a glove. This particular machine is ideal for remote locations and outdoor use.

Additional accessories include a powerful battery belt allowing user complete freedom of movement without loss of power during extended periods. A docking station is available and allows the machine to be adapted quickly to bench top use. An easy to use light allows efficient lighting of the marking area and a suspension ring enables the safe suspension of the XM700 during times of non-operation.

  • Product description
  • Technical data
  • Product Description

    • A marking machine that is unique in its all in one design
    • A single hand-held tool with touchscreen and no remote electronics or power lead
    • Fast and powerful, the marks are permanent, deep and highly readable
    • Ergonomic work can take place horizontally or vertically
  • Technical Data

    Technology Electromagnetic
    Dimensions 325x211x408mm
    Weight 4.95kg without foot / 5.4 kg with foot
    Control Unit Integrated
    Touch Screen 7" colour
    Marking Area 80x30mm
    Character Size 1.5 - 28mm
    Internal Software PO7
    Connections 2 USB + 1 RS232
    Operating Temperature 5 - 45 C
    Operating Humidity1 20-85%
    Power Supply 100 to 240 V AC 50 to 60 Hz
    Compliance CE, ROHS, REACHS