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Specialists in traceability marking

Many of our the identification and traceability marking products from NCB Marking Equipment are widely used in the automotive industry. We take time to ensure that each and every customer has found the most economical and effective marking solution for their particular requirement. From part marking with steel engraved dies to indent marking using our Propen etching/dot peen/indent marking machines.

In recent years our Propen etching/dot peen/indent marking machines have been hugely popular with the automotive industry for VIN number marking on trailers and chassis. Propen portable machines in particular allow the user the flexibility of moving around to hard to reach places.

NCB Marking Equipment is proud to be the UK's leading supplier of APV ink for tyre marking. APV's tyre striping inks are of the highest quality and have been used for many years by several tyre manufacturers in the UK.

Spot marking systems for non-contact marking and defect marking as part of a quality control process are hugely popular with the automotive industry. Often used for either a pass or fail test on a production line with customers using a green dot to indicate pass and a red dot to indicate failure.