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NCB Marking Equipment has recognised NATO stock numbers for all the products it supplies to the MOD. Please do contact us for further information.

For years NCB Marking Equipment has worked closely with the MOD supplying indent/etching/dot peen marking machines for the identification marking of military tags. Our indent marking machines are ideal for this purpose - producing a high quality permanent mark.

Stencilling within the military and defence industry is common place. Ideal for marking machinery boxes, crates, tanks and other vehicles. A quick and efficient way of producing clear information. We also supply all applicators and ink to meet MOD requirements.

For high volume military tag marking the EmbossMax 5000 automatic metal tag embossing machine is designed to mark tags from a pre-fabricated metal tag coil. Tags can be marked in large batches and snapped apart for use. The coil tag feed system is designed for continuous, jam-free marking of up to 1000 tags per coil.