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Our line of solvent-based tread striping inks or tyre striping inks offer many advantages and are extremely well suited to the tyre and rubber industry.

They are typically used to mark the centreline of a tyre, and for production identification on extruded rubber tread. Completely curable, they can also be used to mark other green rubber items, including cured sheet rubber and internal components. Our inks are HAPS-free, which allows our customers to meet EPA restrictions. They have consistently proven to reduce defects and waste, and are available in a broad range of vibrant colours & viscosities.

The ink can be applied with our Beugler Wheel System, where the ink is gravity-fed through a nozzle and transferred onto the substrate by a corrugated wheel. As well as the Beugler wheels we also supply accessories and cleaning products. Our tyre striping inks can be ordered in 8 oz. bead marker bottles, quarts, gallon cans, or five gallon pails.

  • Technical data
  • Technical Data

    Solvent Based Inks 
    DH-0525 Clear (UV Readable) DH-4313 Bright Yellow
    DH-1611 White DH-4912 Yellow
    DH-2480 Red DH-5521 Green
    DH-2834 Brown DH-5687 Light Green
    DH-2944 Pink DH-6677 Blue
    DH-2981 Light Brown DH-6688 Light Blue
    DH-2994 Tan DH-7678 Lavender
    DH-3676 Orange DH-8016 Grey
    Water Based Inks 
    TH-1259 White TH-4214 Yellow
    TH-2381 Red TH-5133 Green
    TH-2659 Pink TH-6349 Blue
    TH-2704 Light Brown TH-7211 Lavender
    TH-2779 Tan TH-8421 Light Grey
    TH-3561 Orange TH-8432 Grey