Tyre Markers

Tyre markers such as crayons and inspection markers are ideal for industrial applications in the tyre, rubber, hose, automotive, and other OEM industries. The products we supply are a cost-effective solution for simple inspection and identification purposes.

Product Description

Tyre markers are used to mark the tyre for both inspection and for identification, as well as being used as handy markings during the assembly process. They can help you locate areas for repair, like a puncture or tear on the tyre. There are a range of colours for the tyre markers to help identify different areas or issues, but they can also be used to add lettering to the outside of the tyre.

The most common ink used on tyres are dot markers. Most of the dot markers used on tyres are either water or solvent-based: solvent-based is useful for quicker drying times, whilst water-based is useful for a prolonged period of wear without risk of dulling. The markings help to align the tyre correctly when it is being mounted on the vehicle or during the rim assembly process, when all the tyres need to be synchronised together.

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Technical Data

Crayons/Ply Markers – Manual Markers The fugitive crayons, also referred to as ply markers, are safe for internal use on uncured rubber surfaces such as calendared material, plies, bead rings, etc. When used in production, fugitive crayons do not act as contaminants and will not cause delamination. The product is available in a variety of colors.
UV Crayons – Manual Markers The UV marking crayon (C-0303) is specifically designed to mark a rubber surface with visibility under UV identification and inspection cameras. The product is compatible with uncured rubber surfaces and is not visible after curing. This crayon fluoresces under 365 nm ultraviolet light. It is a valuable tool for identification and quality control procedures in rubber manufacturing.
Disappearing Crayons – Manual Markers The disappearing crayon (C-0300) is specifically designed to visibly mark uncured rubber surfaces to denote problem areas or identify material in a production process. The mark disappears from the surface or becomes no longer visible once the rubber part has been cured. Disappearing crayons are also a valuable tool for identification and quality control procedures in rubber manufacturing.
Tyre Writers – Manual Markers APV’s tire writers are water-based and can be removed easily with water. This product is used to mark cured tires or rubber goods for inspection and identification purposes in the manufacturing process.

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