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At NCB Marking Equipment we understand the importance of providing an extensive range of stencilling materials. From high-temperature masking materials to military standard oil board we aim to ensure that materials are suited to all industries and applications.

For advice on finding the correct material for your application please contact us.

Ultra-Cut II

Our most popular selling stencil material. This premium stencil material is ideal for most applications and is reusable. Ultra Cut II is a clay-coated polyethylene bonded to a removable and repositionable light tack adhesive.

The material is 8.5mil and is a semi-rigid plastic, impervious to inks, paints and stains. Ultra Cut II easily outlasts traditional stencil board and the unique coating not only prevents smears and runs but also produces an extremely high-quality stencil image.


SSB Cut is a high density, 10mil opaque plastic attached to a heavy backing. SSB Cut is completely impervious to absorption of liquids and is surface coated to prevent runs. This synthetic stencil board can be re-used repeatedly. This is commonly used for stencil wooden crates and cartons and makes for a very durable stencil.


Commonly used for small characters (down to 3mm), masking projects where sharp, clear and non-stretched lines are required. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, this polyester material produces superior paint masking, holds tightly, yet releases cleanly. Made from 3 mil matte polyester bonded to our ultra-removable/repositionable light-tack adhesive.

Poly-Cut SC

Poly Cut SC offers many of the benefits of our standard Poly-Cut but is designed for smaller characters and fine detail cuts (under 6mm).

Clear-Cut 5B

Clear Cut 5B is easily released and removes adhesive free making it a long lasting, durable and cleanable stencil material. Clear-Cut 5B will remove without curl and remain flat for as long as you keep the stencil.

Clear-Cut 7B

The same product last the Clear-Cut 5B but slightly more durable with a heavy kraft backing with BR3 adhesive.

Poly-Cut HT

Our premium high-temperature masking material. Is able to withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is widely used in the aerospace industry for masking.

Pro Colour Vinyl

This 3.2mil vinyl is ideal for signs, lettering, graphics and decals. The material has a semi-gloss surface and high- performance, permanent adhesive on a strong paper liner. The material has a 5-7 year outdoor durability. It is available in a wide range of colours.

Magnetic Vinyl

With a heavy backing, Mag-Cut™ adhesive holds the magnetic vinyl in place while the cuts are made; when cutting is complete, the stencil is easily peeled from the backing leaving the waste and adhesive on the backing. This leaves you with a clean, adhesive-free magnetic stencil for ferrous metal surfaces. Mag-Cut™ material is an excellent reusable stencil material ideal for railcars, transformers, drums, and large steel containers. Comes on a 6" core.

V Mask

This is an ideal stencil material if you are looking to stencil on irregular surface contours. This highly conformable material is 3.2mil V-Mask produces stencils and masks which can conform to sharp changes in surface contour such as rivets on the skin of an aircraft. It is unique in that it can be used for stencilling with our without transfer tape for true paint masking.


NCB64 Sandblast material is available for masking in the surface coating and aerospace industries.

  • Technical data
  • Technical Data

    Material Product Code Size (width x length)
    Ultra Cut ll UC15100 15"x100ft
    Ultra Cut ll UC2400 24"x100ft
    SSB-Cut SSB07100 7.5"x100ft
    SSB-Cut SSB15100 15"x100ft
    SSB-Cut SSB24100 24"x100ft
    Poly Cut PC15100 15"x100ft
    Poly Cut PC24100 24"x100ft
    Poly Cut SC PCSC15100 15"x100ft
    Poly Cut SC PCSC24100 24"x100ft
    Clear-Cut 5B CC5B15100 15"x100ft
    Clear-Cut 5B CC5B24100 24"x100ft
    Clear-Cut 7B CC7B15100 15"x100ft
    Clear-Cut 7B CC7B20100 20"x100ft
    Poly-HT PHT24100 24"x100ft
    V-Mask VM15100 15"x100ft
    V-Mask VM24100 24"x100ft
    Sandblast NCB64 24"x81ft