Having worked closely for many with some of the world's largest tyre manufacturers, NCB Marking Equipment is able to offer a comprehensive identification and traceability product offering to this sector. Included in our product portfolio are tyre striping inks, dot marking systems and tyre markers or crayons.

How We Serve the Industry

NCB Marking Equipment supplies tread striping inks to the tyre industry. These are used to mark the centre-line of the tread or provide colour-coded stripes for identification purposes. We also supply tread cement which is a water-based adhesive formulated for use on multiple components of a tyre in new tyre manufacturing.

We supply a range of crayons, inspection markers, dot markers, disappearing crayons, cure indicator inks, pre-cure outside tyre paint and tyre repair paint. Some examples of our ink applications for the  tyre industry are outlined below.

Tyre Repair Paint

This water-based product is applied to cured rubber surfaces in new tire and retread manufacturing to hide blemishes, scuff marks, scratches, chalk marks, and crayon marks, creating the appearance of a cured finish.

Rubber Repair Paint is applied by conventional spray equipment. Technical assistance on equipment recommendations and cleaning products is also available through APV. The product is black in color and available in a variety of gloss levels and shades. Repair Paint can be ordered in gallon cans, 5 gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums.

Tyre Markers

Tyre Striping Inks

Tread Striping Inks are typically used by tyre manufacturers to mark the centerline of the tread or provide color-coded stripes for identification purposes. It is applied after the tyre tread is extruded, when it is in an uncured state. It also can be incorporated in other rubber manufacturing processes including the production of automotive belts, sheet rubber, and industrial hose and tubing.

Offered in a variety of colours and viscosity ranges, the formulations are engineered to remain solid and bright, even after curing, and to resist mold fouling. Solvent-based formulations are co-curable, fast drying and contain no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Water-based formulations are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and comply with EPA guidelines. Our development team can formulate custom colours or accommodate unique performance specifications for large projects.

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