Portable Marking Machines

At the forefront of technology, the ADP2560-BA is a fully autonomous portable handheld marking machine with integrated touch screen control. Fast, powerful, accurate and battery powered. It is a lightweight and compact unit that is ideal for portable applications. The marking area is 25x60 mm.

Portable dot peen marker ADP2560-BA

Battery-powered dot peen marker ADP2560-BA, compact and lightweight unit capable of permanently marking various materials, such as metals, aluminum, iron, cast iron, plastic, etc. Two motor powered X and Y axes move of the pin and set the depth of marking in the area to be marked. In other words, the marking machine can achieve any type of desired marking result. Unlike other automated dot-peen models the ADP2560-BA has absolutely no electrical or compressed air cables.

ADP2560-BA Product Description

  • A marking machine that is equipped with a pair of 18V batteries
  • Each battery is easily installed and removed and can be fully recharged in one hour and a half.
  • Marking speed depends on character height, depth, dot density, desired quality etc.
  • The system can mark up to 10 characters per second.
  • ADP2560-BA uses software with an intuitive and flexible interface, which allows graphic freedom of absolute value. This software gathers all the needs of more than 20 years of experience in the dot peen marking sector. Thanks to the touchscreen display, you can navigate easily and just as easily create the messages to mark and set the related parameters, also displaying the operation time. It is the only machine among the Automator dot markers to have the controller integrated in the machine. The software provides  for the creation of messages with the date in various formats, fixed or variable texts, codes, serial numbers, Datamatrix and logos. It is also possible to create programs on a PC, which can be easily transferred to the Controller with a USB stick or via the USB connection.
Control Unit Integrated
Touch Screen 9x55mm
Marking Area 25x60mm
Character Size 1.5 – 28mm
Internal Software Yes
Working hours 1 hour to 1 day based on usage
Operating Temperature 0-50 C
Operating Humidity10-75%
Power Supply 100 W
Recharging time 1.5 hours

Industrial dot peen marker ADP5090 P

Fast, compact and cost effective. Ideal for permanent marking on metals, plastics and alloys. Easy to use and integrate.

The ADP5090 is our number one selling industrial marking head. The compact cubic shape and refined design make this marking head applicable for a wide variety of applications. Can be integrated or hand held.

  • 50x90mm marking area
  • For deep and fast markings or vibrate for high quality and fast markings
  • 6 different standard peen for dot mode
  • 2 different standard peen for vibro mode
  • 1 electric peen
  • Operates with either the AC500 or AC250 standard controllers.

Universal controller for ADP5090 P

News Concept of universal controller capable to run natively all the different marking heads types avaliable: pneumatic (dot and vibro), electric and scribe.

New plastic case
– optimized thermal stability of the boards
– better protection against disturbances from external sources
– ensured reliability in high stress working conditions
– lighter, resistant and certificated (Sabic: available upon request)

New drive boardOne board to run all the different marking technologies: pneumatic (dot and vibro), electric and scribe

Auxiliary axis working modes are compatible backwards

News software
Latest software version 3.0.0 includes new features and improvements such as the new multiple repetition marking dots mode wich allows deeper markings (available in the AC500 store)

Compatible backwards with AC500 rev.2 and rev.1

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 180 mm x 150 mm x 121 mm
Weight5 kg
Marking MaterialMetal

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