Steel Marking Stamps, Hand Punches and Roll Marking Dies

Steel marking stamps, hand punches and roll marking dies provide an affordable yet effective way of making a permanent traceability mark. NCB Marking Equipment supplies an extensive range of options including many bespoke products.

Hand Stamps

Bespoke Metal Hand Punches are a simple form of a custom impact mark often used to identify steel oxygen bottles and steel products in general. Clear and permanent marks can be made into metal, plastic, leather, wood and other materials by simply striking the punch with a hammer.

Bespoke Hand Stamps and Inspection Stamps

Made to order custom designed hand stamps – popular for multi-character stamps, Inspection Stamps company logos and graphics etc. Widely used in the UK  are the inspection stamps which can be engraved in many different formats i.e. inspectors numbers in a circular border or square border. We supply inspection stamps to the railway industry, aerospace industry and motor racing.

Interchangeable Steel Type for use in Hand Holders or Roll Marking Machines

Interchangeable Steel Type Characters can be made up into holders to provide accurate type location for hand stamping. These characters can also be used in Roll marking machines for continuous marking along the length of material for example along a pipe or tube. Roll marking can convey product information and provide traceability and identification information.

Bespoke Roll Marking Dies

Our roll marking dies are ideal for repetitive marking along a length of material for example bar, conduit, hose, pipe, tube and telecommunication cables. These can be engraved with bespoke images and also with interchangeable letters and numbers as illustrated.

Roll dies can be mounted on a shaft for continuous marking of moving materials or mounted in a roll marking machine, lathe, or screw machine for marking individual parts.

Manual and Automatic Numbering Heads

NCB Marking Equipment supplies manual and automatic numbering heads for batch marking and serial numbering. The hand wheel numberers as illustrated are available in a variety of combinations from 2mm – 6mm and in a choice of any number of wheels. The automatic version is ideal for stamping consecutive numbers into material for traceability purposes. A fast and affordable option for marking that will produce a quality result.


A lightweight portable hand marker. The micromarker is ideal for making a quick mark by simply pressing the marker with the palm of your hand. Ideal for identification and traceability marking or for inspection purposes. Our micromarkers come in an extensive range of characters, numbers and symbols.

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