Dot Marking

NCB Marking Equipment supplies spot marking systems for non-contact marking and defect marking as part of a quality control process, for example in the automotive industry.

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Our Systems

Often used for either a pass or a fail test on a production line with customers using a green dot to indicate pass and a red dot to indicate failure.

Systems available form NCB Marking equipment include a Pilot Signier Spray Marking Gun using a spray ink, a Hot Quick Coder using a hot wax ink, a TC pneumatic Print Head using wet ink and manual Harmonic Dot Markers.

Technical Data

Pilot Signier Spray Marking Gun – Spray Ink A fully automatic spray marking gun designed with speed, precision and accuracy in mind. Ideal for high speed non-contact marking operations.
Hot Quick Coder – Hot Wax Ink A contact dot printing system using a solid hot wax ink which dries very quickly on all surfaces.
TC Pneumatic Print Head – Wet Ink Ideal as a part of an integrated production line/leak test equipment. A reciprocating print head that uses a wet ink cartridge which is easily changed and available in various colours.
Harmonic Dot Markers – Manual Marking Typically used tyre manufacturing industry to denote a high point, iconicity, or pass/fail marks. Available in water-based or solvent based ink. Dot markers can by used by hand or installed in a balancing/uniformity machine.

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