Handheld Inkjet Printers

NCB Marking Equipment offer a range of innovative handheld inkjet printers for achieving permanent marking on an extensive range of surfaces. These light, handheld devices are totally wireless so can be used in remote sites to mark an extensive range of surfaces including concrete products, pipes, pallets, shipping crates, glass, plastic bottles and metals.

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EBS Handheld Inkjet

Coding and labelling can be achieved at the touch of a button and the printers are available with a choice of black, white, yellow and blue inks so that marking on even the darkest of surfaces is possible. Print heights range from 3-57mm for text, graphics, 2D codes and barcodes.

The printers operate by sending the text you want printed via blue tooth, from your PC using the provided software. The handheld device can store a staggering 50,000+ messages which can be easily retrieved using the touch screen application.

EBS Handheld Inkjet

EBS-250 Handjet The 16-dot matrix allows text and logos to be printed from 9 to 27mm high. Variable data including date, time, offset date and sequential numbers can be automatically printed. A choice of 10, 30 and 60 message storage models is available with message editing via Bluetooth link to intuitive PC-based software. The EBS-250 Handjet is based on an industrial large-character print engine designed to work with fast drying inks and in harsh environments. The wide range of inks available allows printing onto porous and non-porous products.

EBS-260 Handjet Following the success of the EBS-250 handheld inkjet printer, the EBS 260 model has been introduced to add a greater level of control and a larger print height. The new and improved touch screen technology will create print messages, allow you to preview messages, enter variable data and adjust print settings on the fly. Up to 5 lines of text can be printed with a maximum overall height of 57mm and a choice of 4 ink colours.

Reiner JetStamp

The mobile marking device jetStamp 1025 can print up to a print height of 25 mm (1″).
The diverse print spectrum includes freely adjustable continuous 1-D and 2-D barcodes, date, time, texts, numbers or graphics, such as the IPPC logo or company logo.
The desired print images can be created as standard using the “PCset graphic” software supplied. By individual extended programming (customer side) the data transfer can take place via Windows-based programs like e.g. Word, Excel as well as via a barcode label software or ERP systems.
For a smear-resistant impression on various surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, wood, metal, plastics, and textiles there are two types of ink available.
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Reiner JetStamp

The benefits:
  • Ideal for printing on large surfaces, such as pallets, cardboard, packaging…
  • 100% mobile thanks to integrated print head seal & integrated battery
  • Ergonomic handling through multi-triggering: on the side and in the middle of the handle
  • MP ink allows printing on paper, cardboard, wood, metal, plastic and fabric
  • Integrated display
  • Create an impression on the PC and transfer it to the marking device via USB, Bluetooth or MicroSD card
  • Up to 250 impressions can be stored on the MicroSD card
  • Possible connection to Windows-based programs, merchandise management systems or barcode label software (individual programming required by the customer)
  • Max. imprint size: 85 x 25 mm (w x h)

Technical Data

Print Matrix 16 dots 32 dots
Print Height from 8mm to 27mm 8 – 54mm
Print direction Any direction Any direction
Message Storage 30 messages x 10 lines per message 50,000 messages
Graphics Monochrome – up to 16 pixels high Monochrome up to 32 pixels high
Programming Wireless with a 50m range Text- and parameter processing Software,Windows® 98SE/ME/ NT/2000/XPWireless with a 100m range
Battery Type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Approximate operating time with battery fully charged 50 hours 16 Hours
Recharging time Automatically via an external 24V/1ADC power pack – Less than 2 hours Less than 5 hours
Ink Type Water, ethanol, acetone, MEK, food grade Ethanol, acetone
Ink Consumption 110,000 chrs. (11mm high) / cartridge 200,000 chrs. (11mm high) / cartridge
Standard ink colours Black, red, blue, yellow depending on type Black
Weight 980g +/-10 g – printer with battery and full ink cartridge, without power pack and cable 1.58Kg including full ink cartridge
Memory 50,000 messages 2GB – virtually unlimited

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