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NCB Marking Equipment is the UK’s leading supplier of RIBtype® rubber stamp system - Interchangeable Rubber Type

RIBtype® Stamp System

RIBtype® is an interchangeable rubber stamp system that allows you to create your own stamp and change it as needed. In using the RIBtype® system, companies are able to interlock ribs on the back of the type with ribs on the marking device. This allows for fast changes of text for date coding and lot number changes. Graphics can also easily be incorporated in the type for product and brand identification.

Our Equipment

NCB Marking Equipment guarantees the highest quality on all its RIBtype® rubber stamp systems. The ribs are precisely manufactured to a thickness of .210″ + or – .003″. Text is precisely aligned to the ribs with the same close tolerances ensuring that you achieve the finest quality imprints. Type you buy from us today will work perfectly with type you buy from us in the future. We guarantee it. RIBtype® “deep relief” type is also available for special applications, with a thickness of .270″ and relief of .110″.

This is just a selection of our RIBtype® rubber stamp systems. Contact us if you require any further information on our rubber stamp system or if a particular product you’re interested in is not displayed.

Impregnated Ink Rolls

NCB Marking Equipment can supply impregnated ink rolls. The ink is supplied to the coder by a disposable ink roll. These rolls subsequently produce exceptionally dense black marks. The disposable ink rolls will yield up to 500.000 impressions in an average use. The roll is simply installed on the coder and replaced when the ink capacity is depleted. The MT ink rolls contain a fast drying solvent-based ink and are designed for our porous coders.

The new ink rolls provide uniform print density across the full print of the coder – even on the 50 mm wide models. Since these rolls are not dependent on external inking, the coder can be mounted in any attitude for to, side or bottom coding applications – regardless of the coder´s mounting configuration. The ink rolls are currently available in Black, White, Green, Blue and Red.

Product Description

  • RIBtype® is an interchangeable rubber stamp rubber stamp system that allows you to create your own stamp and change it as needed
  • RIBtype® is a precise, low tech, eco-friendly solution
  • RIBtype® is frequently used to print date codes on food packaging, model and lot numbers on manufactured products and embossing hand crafted jewellery

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