Stencilling Inks

NCB Marking Equipment supplies an extensive range of Diagraph stencil ink to suit most stencil applications or surfaces including metal, plastic, glass, timber and rubber.

Our Stencil Inks

NCB Marking Equipment is the UK’s leading supplier of Diagraph stencil ink. Whether you have purchased a stencil cutting machine from us or you are just looking for stencil ink we will work with you to ensure you are using the most suitable Diagraph stencil ink. Prior to selecting an ink, the following considerations should be taken to determine the ink best suited to your application:

  • The material being used and its surface condition
  • The production line speed and how much time the ink will be given to dry
  • The marking method used to print on your material
  • The temperature of the material and its surrounding environment
  • The desired characteristics of the printed mark: temporary/permanent, must withstand heat/fluids/weather/abrasion

Diagraph R-Type Stencil Ink

Our most popular selling Diagraph ink dries rapidly on most porous surfaces to give a permanent matte finish and is oil, water and fade-resistant when dry. Particularly popular with the timber packing industry. This ink is supplied in quarts or gallons.

Available in Red and Black.

Multi Purpose Diagraph Stencil Ink

Available in a wider range of colours with good adhesion and excellent results on both light and dark surfaces. This Diagraph multi purpose ink is ideal for use with our Roll It On applicators. These brightly coloured inks are fast drying on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Diagraph Insta Dry Stencil Ink

This quick-dry ink is for use with Model M brushes and dries in an amazing 10 seconds or less. Results in a permanent matte finish and is oil, water, and fade-resistant when dry. CONEG/ RoHS Compliant.

Available in Black. These inks are supplied in gallon bottles.

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