Laser Marking

Laser marking refers to the marking and labelling of items or materials using a laser beam to leave a permanent mark. To enable safe laser marking in any environment, NCB Marking provides its customers with exceptional laser etching machines (essentially, laser etching is a subset of marking). During etching, the depth of the cut is not likely to exceed 0.001”. As a result, laser etching is suitable when working with thin materials and items.

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Benchtop Laser Marking

Our laser benchtop workstations enable safe laser marking in any environment, factory, workshop and office space. Our benchtop enclosures are available in different sizes and will accommodate any of our laser technologies. The machines offer a simple solution to identification and traceability marking on materials including plastic, metal, organic or mineral.

Laser Marking Equipment

  1. Fibre – Powerful and excellent quality, it performs precise marking in very short cycles. Ultra compact and communicative, it is the fibre solution for rapid and economic integration into any manufacturing process.
  2. Hybrid DPSS – With the highest peak power in the range, it provides contrasted marking on a range of materials. The high-quality beam is particularly effective on plastics. Its all-in-one design minimises integration costs and facilitates its use.
  3. Green – This range uses the 532 nm wavelength to offer an ultra-fine laser and very soft marking on parts. From the most diverse plastics to the most reflective metals, it marks materials which react poorly or not at all to other infrared wavelengths and does not alter the material.
  4. CO2 – Laser marking and coding on high-speed production lines. High-speed, economic and easy to use traceability solution without the need for consumables

Laser Marking Machine Solutions

  1. LW1 Laser Station – A simple and economic model, this ready-to-mark station can be installed in an office or at a workbench. The machine is compact and silent and will quickly identify small and medium series of parts. The rigidity of the casing and chassis combined with the high quality mechanical and electrical components guarantee a long life for the station. The machine is ideal for identification and traceability marking including serial numbers, texts, data matrix codes, symbols, logos etc.
  2. LW2 Laser Station – A high tech motorised model with an automated Z-Axis and motorised door.
  3. Customised – Fully customised bench top stations are available on request.
NCB Welase laser marking machines


The all new compact high-speed WeLase range of laser markers from Gravograph has been officially launched in the UK.  Derived from the company’s line of industrial lasers, the WeLase is manufactured to the same high engineering standards.

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