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The automatic stencil cutting machine from NCB Marking Equipment is ideal for fast, efficient and reliable stencil cutting. Our stencil machines will quickly and effectively create re-usable stencils, vinyl signs, paint masks, multi colour decals, labels and much more.

Automated Stencil Cutting Machine

The automated stencil cutting machine is supplied with loadable software and step by step instructions on how to connect the machine to your PC. Working from a computer the software will allow you to create a stencil design. This design is then simply sent to the cutter for production. Our software includes stencil fonts, international symbols, numbering, logos and graphics. All stencil designs / files can be saved for use at another time.

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The machine is popular across a vast array of industries including freight, military, coatings, oil and gas to name a few. The machine can be shipped worldwide.

Also available from NCB Marking Equipment is an extensive range of stencil cutting materialsstencilling inks and ink applicators to suit most applications.

Product Description

  • The automated stencil machine is a heavy-duty, durable cutter
  • The stencil machine holds material of up to 30″ wide and has a maximum cutting width of 23.5″
  • The machine can print from multiple computers or workstations as it has ethernet capability
  • Adjustable speed and cutting force maxes out at 600g/65IPS which makes it the most powerful versatile cutter on the market.

Technical Data

MechanismDigital servo drives, adjustable pressure rollers, swivel carbide knife cutting with depth adjustment
Media TypesStencil, Sign, Masking, PVC Vinyl, Polyethylene, Polyester, Rubber, Stencilboard, and Gasket Materials
Max. Cut24”W (760mm)
ToolsCarbide Swivel 37°, 45°, 55° & 60° Blades, multi-size holders, HP style Roller Ball and Felt Markers
Speed (Cutting)Maximum 65”/s (153cm/s) Adjustable from 1”(3cm) to 65”(153cm) /s via keyboard or program
Cutting ForceAdjustable from 5g to 600g in 5g steps from keyboard or from software
ResolutionMechanical=0.0002”(0.005mm)/step. Programmable=0.001-0.0005”(0.25-0.0125mm)/20step
AccuracyError<± 0.2% of travel or 0.1mm. Repeatability £ 0.1mm under 63” (1600mm)
Interface(s)Ethernet port, USB and Serial (RS-232C) auto sensing
Buffer16 Megabyte internal with Spooling from computer
Instruction Set32 bit CPU accepting BREN Pro-GL mode 1 and 2, HP-GL™
Programmable Four Pre-Settable Material Conditions plus Pen Plotter Mode
Control KeysSpeed, Force, Offset, Control, Tool Select, Clear, Test, Line, Pause, Enter
LCD Display20 characters by 2 lines back-lit LCD, 14 Keys, 1-Power LED
Power Required90 to 260 VAC, 50/60Hz auto sensing, 1.1A@ 117V, 0.6A@ 220-240V, (Power Cord Provided)
Acoustic NoiseCutting = less than 30 dB (A), Standby = less than 10 dB (A) (tested to ISO 7779)
Operational environmenntTemperature: 41 to 104° F (5 to 40° C), humidity: 35% to 80% non-condensing
Dimensions (assembled)37”W,19”D, 38”H 940mmX483mmX965mm
Weight boxed116Lb
Accessories providedMobile Stand, Power Cord, Interface Cables, 2 Blade Holders, 4-Blades, Quick-Start Guide Operating Manuals, Software and Drivers on CD-ROM, Sign Tools, Stencil Kit and Material rolls

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