Manual Stencil Cutting Machines

Easy to use, robust and reliable. Manual stencil cutting machines from NCB Marking Equipment offer uncompromising precision without the complexity of other systems.

Manual Stencil Cutting Machine

Product Description

Ideal for adding traceability and marking in simple text form, our manual stencil cutters give you the control to produce clear, durable stencils that stand up to prolonged and repeat use.

The portable nature of our machines gives you the flexibility to tackle identification marking tasks anywhere, anytime and with ½”, ¾” or 1” character sizes available, our manual stencil cutting machines can be seamlessly applied to a range of applications, including:

  • Traceability Marking: Stencil crucial IDs and codes onto components, tools and other equipment for seamless tracking and quality control.
  • Packaging: Mark crates, boxes and pallets with clear, consistent logos, barcodes and shipping information.
  • Safety Instructions: Stencil warning signs, instructions and equipment labels.
  • Product Branding: Add your branding to product packaging and promotional items with ease.
Stencil Materials

Oil Board Compatibility

Pair your manual stencil cutting machine with the ideal canvas, Oil Board Stencil Material.

This specialised material has a range of qualities that make it ideal for a range of stencilling requirements –

Smooth Surface: Allows for easy handling and excellent ink absorption, ensuring clarity and consistency.

Easy to Cut: Our Oil Board is specially treated to provide smooth precise cuts that guarantee professional quality stencils.

Durable and Reusable: The sturdy yet flexible nature of our Oil Board allows for simple use without compromising clarity or integrity.

We also offer a range of Stencil Materials and Inks, ensuring that we have the perfect canvas for any project.

See Technical Specifications below.

Our Stencil Materials

Traceability Marking Experts

At NCB Marking Equipment, we provide a complete selection of marking and traceability solutions under one roof, including –

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