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Specialists in traceability marking

NCB Marking Equipment prides itself on being at the forefront of indent / dot peen / etch marking technology.

For high quality, clear and efficient indent marking we supply Propen etching machines. Unquestionably the lead product in the indent marking industry, offering unparalleled quality marking and a machine that is extremely reliable and easy to use.

These etching / dot peen /indent marking machines are available as a stand alone bench machine or handheld portable machines for remote locations. The bench machine is available with a 3D stylus for irregular surfaces and a rotary third axis drive.

In addition to our range of Propen indent marking machines we also offer Pannier marking machines for high volume tag marking.

For a simple, affordable indent marking solution look no further than NCB Marking's selection of steel marking stamps and hand punches. Ideal for simple identification and traceability marking applications.

NCB Marking Equipment is delighted to offer four of the best laser technologies on the market: Fibre, Hybrid DPSS, Green and CO2 - enabling the marking of virtually any material. In addition our laser bench top workstations offer safe laser marking in any environment.