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New from NCB Marking Equipment, the Impact Dot Peen Marking machine achieves a permanent traceability mark with speed and precision. The Impact Dot Peen Marking machine is a bench top machine that will fit easily into most workspaces. The machine marks both metals and plastics up to 300mm (12”) in height. NCB’s dot peen marking machines are available in two power source options: pneumatic or electromagnetic.


Handheld dot peen marking machine


Pneumatic power source: offers high speed and high marking frequency.

Electromagnetic power source: offers a high level of precision and consistency. The next generation of automated traceability processes - DataMatrix Code marking. The electromagnet machine detects the surface of the workpiece and will automatically adjust the height of the Z-axis without the need for operator intervention. Even the most complex shaped pieces can be easily marked.

Dot Peen Marking Technology: Additional Product Features

Touch&Mark Technology - The onboard control software is located in the marking head and the machine comes with an easy-to-use touchscreen, these technologies combined means that the machine can perform the highest level of accurate marking.

Dynamic Dot Control - Automatically adjust the density of the dot to the desired level using the new automatic controls.

T08 Software - The machine comes equipped with integrated T08 software. Operators of the machine will be able to create and edit marking files, store files, check for duplicates, preview marking jobs and adjust settings without the use of a computer. The key features of the software are:

  • Serialisation
  • Automatic timestamping
  • Counters
  • Duplication control
  • Marking preview
  • Marking history



The Impact dot peen marking machine will achieve a clear and precise mark across a broad spectrum of materials including:

  • Plastics - ABS, PA, PP etc
  • Metals - steel, painted steel, aluminium, brass, iron, raw and anodised aluminium etc.

NCB Marking Equipment has a long and established history in providing a range of high-quality, precise dot marking machines for a range of organisations. Speak to one of our knowledgeable team members today for information on dot peen marking technology and other traceability products such as tyre markers and etching machines.


  • Sectors
  • Features
  • Automotive
    • Marking of VIN numbers onto chassis
    • Marking of sensors (plastic)
    • Exhaust system traceability by DataMatrix code
    • Marking of brake discs
    • Marking of nameplates
    • Marking of wheel rims
    • Marking on turbine blades
    • Traceability, through DataMatrix codes, of components made from stainless steel, steel, titanium
    • Traceability markings that withstand the medical instrument sterilisation process
    • Identification of medical prostheses (stainless steel, titanium)
    Light industry
    • Mechanical: marking of series of parts, plates, precision mechanical parts
    • Anti-counterfeiting traceability: of locks, keys, cylinders
    • Electrical: marking of connectors, compliance plates, circuit breakers, components
    • Electronics: marking of detectors, marking
    Heavy industry
    • Construction: marking of metal structures, construction plant, lifting platforms
    • Oil and gas: identification of turbines, marking of valves
    • Naval: marking of structural parts, engine parts
  • Technical Data

    All-in-one marking machine with intuitive touch screen and on-board software
    Marking area: 100 x 120 mm
    Manual Z-axis    
    Motorised Z axis    
    Motorised Z-axis with I-Sense technology      
    Character height: between 3 and 100 mm
    Marking of small characters 0.5 mm in size    
    Marking possibilities: texts, logos, 2D (DataMatrix, QR code etc.)
    Dynamic Dot Control (DDC by Technifor)    
    Communication: Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232, USB, FTP, dedicated Inputs/Outputs
    Hardness of material: ≤ 62 HRC (marks most metals)