Manual vs Automated: Which Stencil Cutting Machine is Best for Your Projects?

Stencil cutting machines have long been utilised for identification and traceability marking.

At NCB Marking, we offer both basic manual stencil cutting machines and advanced computer-controlled stencil cutting options, each serving a vital role in the identification marking industry.

Automated Stencilling Machines

Automated stencil cutting machines are used in various manufacturing sectors. These machines can cut characters of any size into stencil material starting from 3mm and also handle international symbols and logos.

Simply input your text into our software on your computer, select the character size and send the command to the cutter. By choosing the appropriate stencil material for your project, the machine will swiftly and accurately cut the stencil.


Benefits of Automated Stencil Cutting Machines

  • Ideal for creating various stencil character heights
  • Efficient for producing multiple stencils quickly
  • Saves time compared to manual methods
  • Perfect for high-volume production, intricate designs, and maintaining consistent quality


Manual Stencilling Machines

Manual stencil cutting machines are designed for smaller projects. These machines allow you to cut characters of a single size, available in heights of 12mm, 19mm, or 25mm.

Operating a manual machine involves selecting the character on a wheel and then manually punching it into the stencil material by pulling a handle.

While not as advanced as automated machines, manual stencil cutters offer advantages such as portability for locations with no electricity, like Ministry of Defence sites.

Benefits of Manual Stencil Cutting Machines

  • Suitable for remote projects or producing a few stencils daily
  • Requires no special training
  • No risk of computer or user errors

The manual stencil cutting machine is best suited to lower volume requirements, simple designs and budget-conscious operations.


Which Machine is Right for You?

Consider the following factors to determine the best stencil cutting machine for your needs:

  • Speed and accuracy
  • Volume requirements
  • Stencil complexity
  • Technical expertise
  • Budget considerations
  • Availability of electricity

If you are still uncertain about the ideal choice for your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team at NCB Marking for personalised guidance.

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