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At NCB Marking Equipment, we offer a full range of stencil cutting machines, from robust manual stencil cutting machines to high-speed computerised stencil cutting machines. Our machines are suitable for a range of applications to create basic stencils for shipping marks on packing cases through to intricate stencils for aerospace applications. Other industries which use our stencil cutting machines include freight, military, coatings, and oil and gas.  

Our stencil cutting machines are of the highest quality. As a result, our customers will always benefit from a machine capable of cutting hundreds of thousands of stencils during its lifetime. In addition to quality, the wide range of machinery accessories and stencil cutting accessories on offer at NCB Marking is comprehensive. If you’re unsure what items are most suited to your application, we’re more than happy to advise.

Stencil accessories include:

  • Stencil rollers
  • Stencil inks
  • Stencil ink pads

We always use high quality products to ensure that your stencil cutting process is:

  • Quick
  • Easy 
  • Precise
  • Long lasting

We also stock an extensive range of stencil cutting machine materials including:

  • Materials suitable for harsh environments
  • Materials suitable for high temperature environments
  • 8 different materials for use with our computerised stencil cutting machine
  • A range of oil board for use with our manual stencil cutting machine
  • Ultra-cut - a premium, reusable, general purpose stencil material

NCB Marking also supplies oil board for a crisp, clean cut. Its high repeatability in use ensures that customers get the most for their money. Available in a range of sizes, NCB Equipment’s oil board is excellent for a range of applications.

We supply many different types of stencil material for a range of applications, including Ultra Cut - a premium, reusable, general-purpose stencil material

Ultra Cut for automated stencil cutting

Ultra Cut is our most popular material with a low tack adhesive backing that sticks flat to the surface being stencilled. This creates very sharp, crisp images. Used in conjunction with our computerised stencil cutting machine.

Oil board for manual stencil cutting

Do you need a crisp, clean cut? If so, then consider oil board. Its high repeatability in use ensures that customers get the most for their money. Available in a wide range of sizes, NCB’s oil board is excellent for a number of applications.

Consultative stencil cutting services - build your perfect package

We offer on-site appointments. This allows us to work with our customers to build the perfect stencil package. We create bespoke solutions for a range of businesses and have done so since 1878 - importantly, we operate with family values on a large scale.

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