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Specialists in traceability marking

NCB Marking Equipment prides itself on ensuring that we supply the highest quality inks to all industry sectors whether it is for stencil cutting machines, for marking tyres, dot marking pens or general ink supplies.

We aim to ensure that all our stencil cutting machine customers are supported with the advice on the best inks to use for their specific application. We supply an extensive range of stencil inks ideal for harsh environments, fast drying inks for quick operations etc.

In addition to our stencil inks, we work closely with APV inks to supply the automotive industry with tyre striping inks, dot marking pens and other tyre related marking products.

NCB Marking Equipment is the UK's leading supplier of RIBtype® - Interchangeable Rubber Type

On request, we have a full range of both small character and large character Ink Jet Printers both handheld and inline.